Our Roots

As a part of the RouteMatch Software Family, MotionLink was born out of a drive to continuously provide innovative technology solutions that not only meet our customers’ needs, but exceeds them.

Over the last decade, we have:

  • Served more than 600 municipal, state and federal public sector customers across the US, Canada and Australia
  • Honed our expertise in intelligent transportation systems and mobility management
  • Developed a deep understanding of both the public and private sector

Today and looking forward, we are:

Merging our roots with our passion for innovation to deliver the next generation of an end-to-end, mobile workforce technology solution that includes enterprise level software coupled with mobile devices for real-time mobile business intelligence.

Who We Are

It's in our DNA to develop technology from the ground up
MotionLink is a privately held company headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. With one source to answer to – our customers –, it is in our DNA to develop technology from the ground up that meets their needs.

As a team of hand-selected professionals, engineers and industry experts, we are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and eagerness for creating long lasting partnerships that result in measurable ROI relevant to our clients’ business.

Our Philosophy

The MotionLink philosophy comes from the principle that safety is the number one goal when deploying any management solution. We embrace the SAFE philosophy and pass along the tools to our customers to achieve their specific goals in all aspects of their operations.

Safety: Improve operational safety by proactively monitoring vehicle status and health, as well as driver behavior. Ensure all preventative maintenance is complete throughout your fleet and provide tools to assist in reducing aggressive driving behavior.

Accountability: Provide transparency into all aspects of your operations through mobile asset location intelligence, event alerts, and playback tools. Additionally, view both real-time and historical data, using configurable dashboards and intuitive reporting tools.

Flexibility: Install a platform that offers the ability to manage mobile assets using multiple hardware and carrier configurations. No two operations are alike and you need a platform that is configurable to meet your specific needs.

Efficiency: Using sophisticated mathematics, algorithms, and applied science, MotionLink is able to optimize your vehicle and workforce utilization. This greatly reduces your operating costs, mileage, employee hours, and paperwork. MotionLink is dedicated to providing unprecedented customer support with a team of engineers and business process-, integration experts who partner and work with our clients 24/7.