Today’s government fleets are dealing with a host of challenges ranging from:

  • Government mandates and compliance such as – size and type of vehicles fleets, and extensive requirements for emissions reporting and reduction.
  • Budget constraints and reduced funding
  • General lack of oversight into vehicles

Government and Federal agencies with a variety of fleets are looking for solutions to help lower operational costs; maximize fleet capacity; run an overall greener fleet reducing fuel consumption, miles traveled and GHG emissions; and prevent unauthorized use and theft. MotionLink provides the business intelligence needed for directors of government and federal fleets to increase visibility and meet operational goals.

Government - MotionLink

Manage Information in a Centralized Database

  • Vehicle availability, capacity, etc.
  • Employee/Driver qualifications, schedule, etc.

Track & Monitor Vehicles

  • Real-time location intelligence and automotive vehicle playback
  • Track fuel consumption and mile driven
  • Monitor driving behaviors – speeding, idling
  • Receive alerts and notification for geofence targets, driving behaviors, etc.

Plan and Optimize

  • Schedules and Resource Utilization (employees and vehicles)
  • Routes
  • Forecasting


  • 2-way messaging (via email/SMS text messaging)
  • Send alerts and notifications to drivers
  • Provide in-vehicle Navigation


  • Run Real-time and Historical Reports
  • Business insights and analytics

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