Public Works agencies are dedicated to providing services that maintain, improve and enhance the well-being of the community by performing a variety of jobs from infrastructure maintenance and sanitation to public safety, etc. Ensuring these services are performed means juggling a multitude of mobile resources from personnel and vehicles to equipment.  Managing this effectively requires a flexible and powerful solution that will let you address your day-to-day challenges of:

  • Rising fuel and labor costs
  • Environmental mandates
  • Reduced budgets
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Leveraging other IT Investments from GIS, CRM, etc.

Public Works - MotionLink

MotionLink’s end-to-end mobile workforce solution includes enterprise level software coupled with mobile devices for real-time mobile business intelligence.

Track & Monitor Vehicles and Mobile Teams in Real-time

Manage Work Orders or Job Requests Electronically

Communicate and Collect Data Wirelessly

Plan and Optimize Schedules, Routes and Resources

Dynamically Dispatch Day-off

Navigate Workers

Send Alerts & Notifications

Manage Data in a Centralized Database

Run Real-time and Historical Reports

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