Your operations and mobile teams are dynamic, so why shouldn’t your reports be too?

With integrated solutions across the MotionLink platform, you can capture all of your data in a centralized location to create dynamic reports that generate actionable analytics.

Whether you need the 30,000 foot view or a deeper look at group or individual asset metrics, analyze data based on your business needs.

Multi-faceted reports and dashboards let you plan and minimize risk while improving collaboration, compliance management and service delivery.

  • Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Review Operating Trends Analysis
  • Define what-if scenarios
  • Manage by exceptions
  • Identify problems before they arise

Alerts & Notifications

Capture live data which can be used to trigger alerts and notifications about: speeding, idling, leaving or entering zones.

Send and receive alerts and notifications as pop-up display messages on a dispatch/supervisor console as email, or SMS text messages to a supervisors phone or tablet.

Up-to-the-minute location-based intelligence

Locate workers and vehicles in real-time

  • Estimate time of arrival, and confirm service delivery
  • Re-route work and vehicles due to traffic, accidents and weather

Real-time data and information provides supervisors and back office staff the tools to make quick decisions and improve customer service and response times.

Data Management

With historical information stored in the database, you build a library of data that can be analyzed by date, location, time and allows you to keep track of all certifications, asset maintenance schedules and more.

Actionable Analytics

Actionable analytics
Visually intuitive, executive dashboards let you access analytics via a simple internet connection (no downloads or plugins), or app for android or iOS tablets

  • vehicle maintenance histories
  • vehicle usage and trends and projections
  • driver behavior
  • costs versus budget comparisons
  • certifications and licenses
  • route adherence

A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.


  • Map displays coincide with detailed formatted reports
  • Standard reports and Ad-hoc report wizard
  • Open database access (non-proprietary data) for ODBC report writing tools
  • Role-based hierarchy views and configurable settings let you assign views based on need and function.

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