No two businesses are alike.
Neither are scheduling, routing or resource requirements.

With MotionLink’s mobile resource management solutions, define parameters key to your business that let you plan, schedule and dispatch work accounting for the variables of your mobile resources and ensure:

  • Better Forecast Planning, Resource Allocation & Scheduling
  • and the Flexibility to shift resources and work orders as needed

Optimized Scheduling and Routing

The MotionLink optimization engine exercises a multidimensional approach that factors in numerous constraints to find the best scheduling, routing and resource utilization options.

Optimized Scheduling and Routing

Flexible and robust, the optimization engine is a set of GIS-based scheduling and routing algorithms along with heuristics that creates a very efficient output for fully automating scheduling, routing and optimization. Proprietary and confidential the algorithms factor in over 80 configurable variables such as:

  • Travel Time Manipulation Variables
  • Vehicle Capacity Variables
  • Vehicle Operating Costs per mile
  • Driver Break Variables
  • Driver Labor Rules
  • Labor costs
  • Location
  • Delivery windows

Resource Allocation

Additional variables factored in for optimized scheduling and routing is matching the right worker with the right skill set to the right vehicle and equipment based on availability and location for the job at hand.

The MotionLink optimization engines automatically assign resources accordingly based on:

  • Time windows
  • Employee or vehicle availability, location and skill set/specs
  • Equipment or job requirements

In addition, track field employee hours of service for maximum utilization and ensure HOS compliance and avoid over scheduling.

Dynamic Dispatch

Dynamic Dispatch

All the planning in the world, can’t prepare you for day of changes. But with MotionLink’s proprietary and advanced mathematical algorithms, you can dynamically and in real-time redistribute work orders and resources based on attributes and constraints defined in the optimization engine to maintain efficient scheduling, routing and resource utilization.

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