MotionLink’s Basic Fleet Tracking Solution is designed to help organizations with small or large fleets take the initial steps toward gaining visibility into a significant subset of their mobile operations. Understanding a fleet’s usage, availability and location, lets fleet managers and supervisors create operational efficiencies, improve safety and make more informed decisions while increasing accountability and transparency.

MotionLink Basic Fleet Tracking Platform

MotionLink Basic Fleet Tracking encompasses:

Vehicle Tracking

  • Capture real-time information such as location, speeding and idling.
  • Track last known address and review trip history.


  • Create user defined zones and set automatic triggers based on group, device, etc.

Alerts & Notifications

  • Set-up and send notifications via text messaging or email for trigger events such as geofence violations, speeding, idling, ignition on/off, maintenance schedules and more.
  • Define by vehicle, vehicle group or globally.

Mobile Supervisor App

  • Supported through Android and iOS, view vehicle location on your phone or mobile device and receive notifications.
  • Monitor vehicle health status and communicate about unwanted driving behaviors.

Vehicle Maintenance

  • Create a calendar of preventative maintenance tasks for oil changes and tire rotations, etc. and track maintenance history.
  • Set alerts based on mileage or date and monitor the status for pending, past due and completed preventative maintenance.


  • Spatial reporting provides visual displays of patterns and trends for enhanced insight and improved decision making.
  • Standard reports such as location readings, idling, speeding, trip length and more help you keep a pulse on how your fleet is performing.

With MotionLink’s Basic Fleet Tracking solution, you can analyze tangible information to help increase savings such as reducing fuel and maintenance costs, while also improving the productivity of their fleet and services offered. Our solution is more than vehicle tracking and monitoring; it lets you find the exceptions and turn data into actions that modify behaviors bringing value and a greater return on investment to your organization.

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