Being green is a hot topic, but it’s more than a trend.

Making your organization greener has significant impact on operational costs, compliance and environmental and community responsibility.

With MotionLink going green is easier than you think. It provides you the tools to reduce your overall carbon footprint and cut costs.

Decrease fuel consumption and vehicle emissions

  • MotionLink’s optimized scheduling and routing maximizes resource utilization and ensures the right vehicles for the job are on the road, ultimately helping you reduce miles driven
  • Vehicle tracking and monitoring curbs unauthorized use, speeding, idling, hard- braking and other aggressive driving behaviors that impact fuel intake
  • Regularly scheduled maintenance ensure fleets operate at peak performance to meet GHG emissions standards

Trim down paper use

Electronic work-orders, digital employee sign-in/sign-out validation, and vehicle or other status reports managed in MotionLink’s centralized database minimizes the need for paper, in addition to streamlining tedious tasks associated with managing paper trails.

Money Saved

Lowering your fuel consumption automatically generates a cost savings. However, additional savings are realized as routine maintenance extends and maximizes the life of your vehicles and equipment and less aggressive driving behavior improves fuel economy and costs associated with incidents.

Environmental and Community Responsibility

Taking a green stance helps you prepare for and maintain compliance with existing and future environmental regulations such as improving your reporting and data collection of fuel consumption and emissions.

In addition, it conveys your organization’s commitment to protecting the environment, placing you in high regards with the customers you serve.