Managing mobile teams comes with more responsibility
and increased risk.

You are liable and accountable for not just your mobile assets but also the service that they are providing as well as maintaining regulatory standards and compliance.

The insight created through MotionLink’s comprehensive platform, allows you to know about issues ahead of time and stay abreast of employee schedules, hours worked and interact with employees in a timely manner to:

Manage and Track Hours on the Job

Help reduce fatigued drivers, over time and ensure compliance with current HOS regulations.

Improve Driver Safety

Cut down on unnecessary drive time and correct unsafe driving behaviors to help reduce incidents and fines.

Maintain Compliance

Track and store data electronically to keep up with information such as: employee qualifications and certifications needed to operate vehicles and/or equipment; vehicle and equipment safety inspections; maintenance schedules; fuel consumption; emissions and various other information that is easily accessible if required for an audit or regulatory reporting.

Prevent Theft and Unauthorized Use

Set up alerts to signal unapproved vehicle or equipment use and leverage location information to track vehicles and reduce stolen or lost property.

Reduce Insurance and Equipment Costs

Real-time access and involvement with mobile teams and resources helps change behaviors and ensures routine maintenance that translates into fewer accidents, fines and stolen or broken-down equipment, ultimately lowering insurance and capital expenditures.