MotionLink’s end-to-end platform provides a myriad of interwoven benefits, from enhanced business intelligence and risk management to improved customer service and a greener operation that have significant impacts on an organization. Nevertheless, we understand that a crucial factor is a measurable return on your investment, and MotionLink helps you achieve an above average return.

We work with our customers as partners, to deliver ROI that is specific to the business and the goals at hand. To ensure MotionLink maximizes ROI, we account for short-term and long-term payback and focus on each customer’s individual organizational and operational structure because no two businesses are alike.

The MotionLink ROI goes beyond savings; it helps you manage and empower mobile teams.


  • Fuel Consumption
  • Overtime Rates and/or Labor Costs
  • Maintenance Costs and Capital Expenditures
  • Insurance Rates
  • Paper


  • Resource Utilization and Allocation
  • Productivity
  • Driver Safety
  • Communication
  • Customer Satisfaction